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    *You’re ready to grow and up-level your passion-based business
    Whether you’ve been in business for a bit or you are just starting to out, if you have a service based business and you are
    interested in growing  online, this program is for you.

    Here are the industries of the women I work with:

*You’re ready to make more money, like serious money.
You started this business because you are naturally good at what you do. You have a gift, you are amazing at what you do, and it’s time for you to start taking yourself and your business seriously and start making some serious money!
*You’re committed to having a stellar mindset and are willing to do what it takes to let go of old beliefs that aren’t supporting you
You’re ready to once and for all break through your limiting beliefs. You see people around you having success, and you know deep down that they are no different then you are.
*You’re tired of the inconsistent income
You have confidence in what you do, you get results for your clients, and yet for whatever reason the income is very up and down. You’re tired of the sleepless nights, wondering where the next clients is going to come from and you are committed to doing what it takes to set up a strong foundation so you can once and for all receive consistent income!
*You want to learn how to grow your business online, have consistent leads and how to convert these leads into paying clients
Did someone say #laptop lifestyle? While there may be some aspects of your business that will always be in-person, you are wanting to leverage online, build a course, serve a larger group of people, and at the very least take a vaca once a quarter!!!! Am I right or am I right?!  
*You are ready to get visible, get marketing, have consistent leads and how to convert these leads into paying clients
There’s a lot of talk these days about growing your list, getting to 10k followers, starting a Facebook group, opt-ins, building a funnel… and the list goes on! I have tried them all and have failed forward these last 9 months. I will show you what has worked, what hasn’t, and the degree you need to go down this road depending on exactly which industry you are in and what your goals are. 
*You want to learn supportive business systems and structures to grow your business efficiently and effectively
Legal support, contracts, websites, automation, social medial planning, email capture, sales pages… it can be overwhelming. Especially when you are already working 10+ hour days, servicing your clients, doing everything yourself, and being a one-woman show! There is no need to reinvent the wheel or try and million different things... in this program we will talk about what works and how to do it right from the beginning!  
*You’re either ready to start building a team now, or you want to know exactly what to do once you are ready
This is my jam. I’ve hired over 100 people in my career (for multiple businesses) and sat in approx 500 interviews. My husband literally calls me the “Queen of Leverage.” When it comes to hiring, building a team, knowing when to hire, where to fiind them and what to do pay… girl – I’ve got you. Enough said.
*You want to be around like-minded women, all on a similar path and learning from one another
Community is EVERYTHING. It's hard to explain the #magic that happens when women entrepreneurs come together! There’s not only the potential for referrals and business from one another (always happens) but there is a deeper, mega meaningful bond that happens when you come together and seriously go for it!!
1. Dreams, desires, your vision and your WHY!  
2. Money mindset + wealth consciousness and breaking through limiting beliefs
3. Getting clear on your ideal client 
4 *Implementation Week 
5. Putting together your packages and having a vibrational match with your pricing
6. Getting clear on your messaging, your elevator pitch and branding
7. Networking, sales calls, overcoming objections and maximizing your current community 
8. *Implementation Week
9.   Managing your daily calendar / prioritizing / creating a winning schedule!
10. Leveraging yourself (your first hire: when, where, what to pay)
11. Importance of your email list + creating a newsletter
12. *Implementation Week
13. Creating your opt-in and your first landing page 
14. Automation and creating a funnel
15. Hosting Live Videos / Challenges / Webinar
16. *Implementation Week
17. Growing email list organically: social media, facebook groups, etc.  
18. Growing your list with paid ads: Facebook ads 101 (guest expert)
19. *Implementation Week 
20. Website 101: Tweaking what you already have or building new! (guest expert)
21. Putting it all together: Keeping your energy high, celebrating your successes!!!
1. Photoshoot ready. (guest expert!)
2. Legal + contract templates + interview (guest expert!)
3. Creating a personal brand (guest expert)
4. Creating copy so your ideal client can hear you (guest expert!)

Course material: This program is designed to give you everything you need to build consistent 5 figure months (and beyond): 16 modules full of strategy and how-to content including videos, workbooks, checklists and templates. You will have a private membership site to be able to access all modules, videos, and all recordings of live calls.
Value: $3500

Live one-on-one coaching: Every other week, we will have a live group call with me where you can get coaching and your questions answered on the spot! These calls will be recorded and can be accessed at any point In the event that you are not able to be on them live!  These calls will last 90min - 2 hours depending on how many women are live and have questions. 
Value: $8000

High-vibe community: Be part and have instant access with a community of like-minded women. This will become your tribe, a source for referrals amongst each other in different industries, and an opportunity to form new friendships, connections and a community with women just like you.
Value: Priceless 

Wealth Consciousness Training:
You will get everything I have used to massively transform my relationship with money which ultimately led to me growing a multi-seven figure company! You will get access to meditations, daily practices, morning routines, affirmations and reading list.

Self-Care Training:
Take it from someone who hit burn-out at the ripe ole age of 25…. Yes, making money is important. Yes, I am going to teach you how to do it. Yes, you will be given all the tools AND I am going to take a stand for you enjoying the journey, to be uber-connected with your intuition, to avoid burn-out and to take care of yourself.

Guest Experts:
Get access to specialized training from the best in their field including planning for a photoshoot, creating a personal brand, growing your social media, legal contracts, and more!

Real Transformation:
I don’t do mediocre. I don’t do half-ass. I don’t do “someday.” I’m committed to your greatness, to you having the transformation that you came for, and for taking your dreams seriously. I’m also committed to being direct in my feedback and coaching with you. Yes, I am loving. Yes, I most definitely have a very soft and spiritual side… but I also speak the truth, am incredibly intuitive, and will get right to the point with you. If you are ready for real and serious transformation, this group is for you. 

Private Coaching with Heidi:
You will have an opportunity to receive private one-on-one coaching directly from Heidi (in addition to the included live group calls) at a discounted rate for a select number of members of Thrive.
Schedule A Discovery Call w/ Heidi!
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